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“Being recognised for all the hard work that has gone into our strategy over the last 18 months for me is amazing. This was a real team effort between our agency, LUX and all the internal Myer teams and stakeholders. It’s just such a fantastic way to kick off 2022 and we’re just hoping we can continue to deliver impressive results in these volatile retail conditions. As the judges called out, we believe the foundations we have laid will benefit Myer for years to come.”

Living Online

“To not only be nominated for, but to win a prestigious award like Best Small Integrated Search Agency at the APAC Search Awards 2022 is an incredible honour and a testament to the great people working in and with Living Online.

As was the case for many, it’s been a difficult year, but for those in our agency to come together and to look at each challenge as an opportunity to change and improve how we do business for ourselves and our clients has been tremendous. We wouldn’t be in the strong position we are without that passion and enthusiasm that runs so strongly throughout the company.

I’m so exceptionally proud of my team, and so thankful to the many clients who trust us with their businesses. Here’s to another year of growing bigger and better!”

Evan Cunningham-Dunlop, CEO of Living Online


“I’m so proud of the entire team at SIXGUN for the tremendous work in winning 2 awards through the APAC Search Awards 2022. It validates that our approach to client work is truly award winning. More than ever, it’s important to have independent platforms like the APAC Search Awards to be fair arbitrators and deliver meaningful awards.” 

David Pagotto, Managing Director at SIXGUN


“Winning 3 APAC Search Awards 2022 is an amazing accomplishment and a testament to the amazing work that the team puts out each and every day. ‘Above and beyond’ is one of our core values at StudioHawk, and it’s lovely to have the recognition for it from such an amazing group of judges.”

Lawrence Hitches, General Manager

G Squared

“It’s great for our team and client to be recognised for their hard work and results during what was a challenging year. We’re very proud of our achievements, and our Best Use of Search – Fashion APAC Search Award 2022, and we are looking forward to entering again next year!”

George Photios, Director


“We are super thrilled to be crowned “Best Small SEO Agency” at the 2022 APAC Search Awards! It is great to celebrate the clients’ and team’s successes and achievements over the last year, and have them recognised at an international level.”

Abrar Patel, Director & Head of Strategy


“We are delighted to have taken our Best PPC Agency for the 2nd year consecutively (2021 & 2022) since this awards inception. It’s a reflection of the standard of work we deliver year after year, consistently.”

Rob Reynolds, Commercial Director

Rocket Agency

“While winning any sort of award is gratifying, it’s extra satisfying when you’re a relatively small-ish independent agency competing against well-established agencies boasting big-name clients (with big budgets) operating in the world’s fastest-growing economic region. To be not only winning Search Awards, but also having judges make comments such as, “We love the ethos of this company. They have represented their agency well from the perspective of the client, staff and industry,” is something Rocket’s founders only aspired to when they opened their doors back in 2006.”

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