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Megantic Scores Gold at the APAC Search Awards with Fashion Companies Hemley Store and Louenhide

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Published Date 16.02.2024

Megantic, an Australian global eCommerce-focused SEO specialist agency, is celebrating a remarkable triumph. They not only clinched victory in two categories but also proudly earned the Silver award in two others.

This outstanding recognition at the APAC Search Awards underscores Megantic’s commitment to lifting eCommerce businesses to new heights, focusing on both new customer acquisition and increased revenue. As Megantic celebrates this achievement, it fuels the team’s dedication to consistently deliver exceptional results for clients.

A tailor-made strategy for Louenhide wins the Best Use of Search, Fashion

Louenhide, a brand synonymous with stylish handbags, recently undertook the risky initiative to transition to a new website platform. After trying Magento, Laravel and WooCommerce, they decided that Shopify was the best fit for their eCommerce goals and began working with Megantic for their SEO strategy during this migration.

The carefully planned execution of a custom migration strategy by Megantic has produced amazing outcomes, fostering substantial month-on-month and year-on-year growth within the organic channel that has continued to grow. Louenhide’s marketing team tracked a significant upward swing, with a remarkable +150% increase in impressions, +57% surge in sessions, and +267% growth in first-page keyword rankings.

“Bagging a win for ‘Best Use of Search – Fashion’ at the APAC Search Awards is truly a meaningful recognition!” expressed SEO Account Manager, Frezel Enriquez. “This achievement is a celebration of Megantic team’s dedication, our innovative collaboration, and the trust placed in us by Louenhide. This win fuels our passion to keep exceeding expectations, inspiring us to continually push boundaries and consistently deliver exceptional results.”

Beyond the impressive numbers, Megantic and Louenhide didn’t just stop at migrating the website. They worked together to make sure the website is well-organised to enable shoppers to find products easier. It isn’t just about changing the website; it’s about making online shopping a better experience.

Hemley Store Struts Down the Runway for Best Low Budget Campaign, SEO

Hemley Store, a prominent player in streetwear and fashion, saw huge successes in online visibility, quality traffic growth, and customer conversion rates through the implementation of a robust SEO strategy. 

“Winning the APAC Search Award is not just a triumph for our team, but a testament to the extraordinary partnership we share with Hemley Store,” says Technical Project Manager, Dale Underwood. “Together, we’ve not only embraced success but redefined it, proving that excellence knows no boundaries in the world of SEO.”

Megantic’s involvement has been instrumental in enabling the expansion from a single brick-and-mortar store to the soon opening of a second. The tangible outcomes of this collaboration are very exciting, with an outstanding +148% increase in first-page keyword rankings, a +48% growth in organic sessions, and an impressive +63% rise in organic new users.

Metrics like these show the importance of working with a partner that you trust and who is transparent in their approach. Hemley Store’s expansion into the digital landscape has not only translated into increased brand visibility but has also driven quality traffic and facilitated meaningful customer engagement. This collaborative success story stands as a testament to Megantic’s commitment to empowering businesses to achieve their eCommerce goals, and reinforces Hemley Store’s position as a thriving force in the competitive streetwear fashion market.

Page 1 Keywords Were On the Move For Hardkorr, Winning Best Use of Search, Travel/Leisure (Silver)

Hardkorr, an eCommerce store specialising in camping and 4×4 lighting and power solutions, has achieved notable success. What sets this campaign apart from others is the great surge in page 1 keyword growth witnessed over the past two years. Impressive results include a substantial 47% increase in first-page rankings and an outstanding 81% boost in top three rankings.

What makes this accomplishment even more noteworthy, is that it comes on the heels of a website migration. This success story not only highlights the effectiveness of the campaign but also showcases Hardkorr’s ability to thrive in a competitive eCommerce landscape.
“With the stiff competition in the Travel & Leisure category, we are thrilled to have won the Silver award with Hardkorr for ‘Best Use Of Search,’” says Megantic Technical Project Lead, Heath Hamilton. “We’re looking forward to a big 2024 and continued growth with the Hardkorr team.”

Shortlisted and Finalists for Three Additional Awards

Megantic were also finalists for three additional awards: Best Large SEO Agency, Most Innovative Campaign and Best SEO Campaign. Being awarded these finalist positions and wins is a great honour for Zan Ristov, co-founder of Megantic. He describes the experience of attending the live ceremony and hearing Megantic announced as winners: “It was an overwhelming feeling of happiness. I am proud of the team and the relationships we have created with our clients and internally to produce these winning award entries.”

About Megantic

Megantic is a leading Organic Search (SEO) specialist agency dedicated to eCommerce. A multiple award-winning global agency, Megantic has created a unique strategy for online retailers that enables them to target educated customers that are traditionally ignored by most SEO campaigns and substantially grow their online revenue. Megantic works with many of Australia’s top brands, including The Good Guys, Forty Winks, Aquila and Cargo Crew. Find Megantic Australia on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Written by Emily Bencsics, Marketing & Digital Specialist at Megantic.

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