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Andreas Consulting Shortlisted for APAC Search Award

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Published Date 22.01.2024

Founded on the belief that there must be a more effective way to achieve superior results for clients and companies, Andreas Consulting came into existence through the vision of Andreas Karlsson.

Simultaneously, he aimed for the flexibility and freedom to lead a lifestyle centred around well-being, and truly apply the 80/20 rule to optimise outcomes for his clients. 

Established in 2023 during economically challenging times, Andreas prioritised delivering value and improving the bottom line for his carefully chosen clients, principles that remain central to the company’s ongoing objectives.

For the APAC search awards, Andreas Consulting was nominated for the Best Use of Search – B2C for their client Ridly Rubbish Removal. This nomination is a testament to the dedication invested in this account and illustrates the remarkable outcomes achievable when considerable time and effort are dedicated to understanding the client/company you work with and applying that understanding into a digital marketing strategy.

The results – June 2022 vs. June 2023

  • Spend increased by 102.1% 
  • Leads surged by 157.2% 
  • Most importantly, Cost Per Lead dropped by 21.4%

Due to this success, Ridly expanded:

  • Hired more employees
  • Acquired additional trucks
  • Expanded coverage to the entire Sydney Metro Area.

This expansion has not only benefited the environment but also the broader Sydney community.

Ridly’s outstanding success in Sydney has accelerated their plans for nationwide expansion. Originally not on their radar, due to the exceptional results surpassing their expectations in Sydney, they are now moving forward with expansion into key Australian cities like Melbourne and Brisbane, advancing their timeline by 2-3 years.

From founder:

“To receive nominations for multiple awards, including APAC Search Awards, in the first year of the company’s existence is a tremendous honour and something of which I am extremely proud. This really emphasises the idea that experience and preparation play a crucial role. Even when the company lacked the credentials and case studies, the lessons learned and career milestones from my past truly mattered”

From client:

“Andreas has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in the development and management of our Google & Facebook ads account. He conducted a comprehensive analysis of our industry, allowing him to gain a deep understanding of the market and thereby enabling him to create an advertising strategy that was tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of our business. As a result of his expertise, our account has seen significant improvement, positioning it among the best in the market.”

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