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Ethical Agency farsiight Focused on Growth For Good

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Published Date 15.01.2024

Meet farsiight

farsiight is a Brisbane-based performance marketing agency founded by brothers Ben and Josh Somerville in 2017. With a mission to redefine ethical business practices in the industry, farsiight is committed to Growth for Good, emphasising sustainable growth for clients, employee well-being, and ethical partnerships.

Growth for Good is farsiight’s “why”, their reason for being. They are deeply passionate about helping brands who are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of their customers, communities, and employees. They also hold themselves to the highest standards of integrity and are relentless in the pursuit of growth. Because at the end of the day, their partners’ sustained success is their success too.

Josh, a seasoned media buyer, grew disheartened by the independent agency landscape after a decade of witnessing a lack of integrity. From dishonest sales tactics to low retainers, unrealistic client loads, and promoting products he didn’t believe in. 

Ben, a tech and sales expert, honed his chops during his tenure as Head of Sales at the startup Plantminer/Felix. His pivotal role in the company’s journey to becoming publicly listed is a testament to his passion for building high-performing teams and revenue expansion.

Together, they co-founded farsiight, choosing to work exclusively with companies they genuinely believed they could help. The agency’s specialisation in B2B tech and e-commerce naturally aligns with their backgrounds and passions.

Best Small Integrated Agency

From day one, their mission was clear – lead with integrity, no matter the cost. This unyielding commitment has led to an industry-leading retention rate of 94%, soaring above the industry standard of 86%. farsiight has also earned 66 verified 5-star client Clutch ratings, making it one of the most respected agencies in Australia.

But what truly sets farsiight apart from other marketing agencies is our culture and people-first approach. Early on, Ben and Josh set out to intentionally build a workplace culture that reflected their values, based on their own negative experiences with past employers. 

Last year, farsiight made it onto the Smart50 Workplaces list, recognising the top 50 Australian SMEs with exceptional hiring and retention strategies. Alongside our impressive 17 5-star GlassDoor ratings, this showcases our commitment to fostering a workplace that genuinely values and takes care of its people.

To support our team, farsiight offers various benefits, including

  • Flexible working hours/locations
  • Flexible public holidays
  • A subscription to Headspace for promoting mental well-being
  • A Growth Development Plan
  • Education Fund offering $1,000 per year
  • Monthly half-day Fridays for team-building or early weekend start
  • Birthday day off

Facing siloed operations and missed opportunities in departments, the leadership team recently embarked on a journey to better integrate their PPC, Paid Social, and creative divisions by creating pods. 

This strategic shift, supported by leadership and implemented through a careful rollout process, involved the creation of a “test pod” to refine operations before company-wide execution. 

Throughout the six-month transition, the team not only surpassed all set KPIs but also received positive feedback from their team regarding improved ways of working, reduced stress levels, and enhanced performance. This success propelled them to expand the new structure company-wide.

The integration and restructuring journey not only strengthened their omnichannel capabilities but also fostered collaboration within pods, enabling them to deliver enhanced value and comprehensive strategies aligned with their clients’ business goals. This commitment to growth and excellence marks a significant milestone in their continuous pursuit of innovation and client success.

From the team

“I think everyone believes they work for the best team, but farsiight truly is an amazing agency & one I can definitely say I’m proud to work for. We might be small, but everyone is exceptionally talented & we’re able to get some amazing work done while also giving ourselves time to relax & catch up.” – Lachlan – Performance Manager

“Being shortlisted for these awards is a testament to the incredible work we do. Entering is not just about winning the shiny trophy (although that’s nice!); it’s about showcasing to our peers and the industry at large that we’re at the forefront of innovation. We’re not just meeting industry standards; we’re surpassing them. It’s validation of our commitment to pushing boundaries, finding new strategies, and delivering exceptional results for our clients. I couldn’t be prouder of our incredible team who consistently bring their A-game, day in and day out, and relentlessly pursue growth.” – Meg – Operations Manager

“farsiight really puts people first and it’s so refreshing to work in an agency that truly cares. There is this amazing synergy between driving growth for our clients and ourselves professionally. But never at the cost of our work-life balance and I think that’s what makes us really stand out. It makes me so proud to be a part of this team and to be nominated for this award is the cherry on top.” – Malinder – Senior Performance Manager

Best Use of Search – Retail eCommerce (PPC)

farsiight & Cycology — Cranking Up Revenue By Shifting Gears From ROAS to MER

In collaboration with Cycology, an established cycling apparel brand, farsiight tackled the challenge of driving sustained revenue growth amid an economic downturn through a transformative online retail campaign. They following goals and targets were set:

  • Increase overall business revenue by ~5% YoY.
  • Boost first-time purchasers by ~15%.
  • Maintain a profitable Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER) 

Target Audience & Strategy:

farsiight targeted cyclists aged 25 to 60 in Australia, the US, the UK, and the EU. Recognising an overreliance on repeat customers, their strategy aimed at redirecting investments to attract new customers. They revamped funnel structures, overhauled creative strategies, and introduced a testing framework.

Implementation & Creativity:

Central to their success was adopting a MER framework for budget evaluation, optimising regional performance, and scaling strategically. A paid marketing audit, a revamped digital funnel structure, and a creative strategy overhaul were key components of their implementation. 

Results & Evaluation:

The business achieved an impressive ~8.2% YoY revenue increase. With a Media Efficiency Ratio above target, they strategically allocated budgets across regions, achieving a 25.9% YoY increase in first-time purchasers. 

From the team

“I think the biggest takeaway from being shortlisted for this award is the validation from an industry perspective that our strategy is a game-changer. We’ve always believed within our agency that MER is the way forward in terms of measuring success & to be shortlisted for this award based on MER really bolsters that belief not just in our agency but hopefully across the paid advertising industry.” – Lachlan 

“I’m so proud of my team for being nominated for such a prestigious award. We worked so hard to show the power of looking beyond in-platform results. We also demonstrated that this method actually works and drives real growth for the business. Which is our ultimate goal for any client we work with.” – Malinder

“The team working on Cycology have formed such a strong connection with Cycology and truly grown and future-proofed their marketing and the business. Being shortlisted in the Best Use of Search category is exciting because it means that our strategies are not just something we are proud of as an agency and a team, but can also stand out in the digital marketing industry.” – NickPPC Team Leader

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