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Unveiling Success: Digital Surfer Finalists in Six Categories for APAC Search Awards

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Published Date 11.12.2023

In the vast digital landscape, where more eyes are online than ever before, the question arises: Are they on your website?

Digital Surfer recognises the critical role of digital marketing in any growth strategy. Our team of search specialists partners with businesses to propel them to the next level, ensuring they show up where their customers are actively looking, providing a solution to their needs, and having a seamless process for searchers to take action.

Recognition in the APAC Search Awards

It’s our dedication to excellence that has recently earned us these prestigious acknowledgments – Being named finalists in six categories for the APAC Search Awards. These awards, celebrating the best in search across the Asia Pacific region, highlight achievements in SEO, PPC, and content strategies.

The Nominated Categories:

  • Best Local Campaign (SEO)
  • Best Integrated Campaign
  • Best SEO Campaign
  • Best Use of Content Marketing
  • Best Small Integrated Agency
  • Rising Star Award for team member Ryan Chilton

Winning an APAC Search Award is not just about recognition – it signifies innovative thinking, technical creativity, and results that set benchmarks for future projects. The awards attract industry recognition, new clients, and talent while building company culture and team spirit. The process is transparent and ethical, ensuring the integrity of the award and honouring industry experts as judges.

Being recognised by the APAC Search Awards is a testament to Digital Surfer’s commitment to excellence. It’s a recognition of our agency’s innovative approach, technical prowess, and ability to deliver measurable results. For the team, it’s not just about the accolades but about the impact we can create for our clients, and the communities that they provide their products and services.

Award-Winning Campaigns

Digital Surfer has a proven track record of developing multifaceted digital marketing strategies that drive tangible results for our clients. A notable success story involves our collaboration with Concrete Floor Renovations, where the team implemented a tailored approach to enhance their digital presence and attract their desired clientele.

The strategy began by understanding what the client’s business growth and online presence needs were, which led to detailed research to uncover specifically what their ideal client’s needs were, where they were searching for these services, and what they would search for to solve their needs.  This led to the creation of tailored organic content, specifically designed to resonate with commercial and industrial clients. Addressing the unique needs of businesses in sectors such as warehouses and cafes, this content was strategically crafted to address specific pain points.

Simultaneously, we implemented a comprehensive Google Ads strategy, incorporating both search and Performance Max campaigns. The search campaign targeted industrial and commercial customers actively seeking concrete renovation services, while the Performance Max campaign utilised hyper-targeted asset groups, focusing on key demographics.

Recognising the importance of detailed job-specific information, we redesigned the contact form on the website to capture quality leads more effectively. This new form required comprehensive job details, aiding in lead qualification, reduction in administrative overheads, and most importantly a higher conversion rate of leads.

To address the location-based strategy, we utilised three Google Business Profiles to target specific industrial locations, enhancing visibility in key areas and attracting potential clients looking for concrete flooring solutions.

Similarly, our success story with Plus One Vet involved a strategic approach and understanding to cater to the diverse demographics and geography of Brisbane for a brand-new veterinary clinic.  The strategy needed to be very targeted and specific for a very competitive niche that had well-established businesses already existing online.

The strategy consisted of multiple channels of digital marketing, this included creating location-specific pages, each with original and unique content tailored to individual locations’ geography and demographics. This personalised approach allowed the clinic to connect with its audience on a deeper level.

To further enhance user experience, embedded Google Maps were implemented on the website, providing step-by-step directions to the clinic and emphasising its proximity to various suburbs.

In addition to the organic online presence and quality appointment bookings to the client’s website, a comprehensive Paid Ads campaign has been implemented, incorporating both search and Performance Max campaigns. Allowing for specific targeted leads for services, and locations that are needed to enhance the online bookings for the clinic.

The success of our strategic online marketing campaign and partnership with the Plus One Vet team has led to them expanding the number of practices within Brisbane.

Finally, our collaboration with Main Lawyers had a clear objective: to increase the quality of leads in core areas such as car accident claims, medical negligence, workers’ compensation, and insurance claims.

Our strategic approach to this campaign needed to navigate the advertising restrictions of the legal industry, the competitive niche, and large legal firms as well as build a high trust authority within the legal community as well as search engines.

The strategy included enriching the website with location-specific service pages to effectively target different areas of South East Queensland and Northern NSW, broadening the firm’s reach and connecting with specific demographic needs within these areas. Additionally, a series of informative blog posts were strategically developed to support core service areas, requiring users to input their email addresses to access the content directly from the site, complying with legal restrictions.

To enhance user experience and SEO, we strategically implemented internal linking between blog posts and core service pages, creating a seamless journey for visitors reinforcing Main Lawyers’ authority in the field, and achieving an online presence greater than those of larger legal firms.

These success stories showcase Digital Surfer’s commitment to delivering comprehensive and effective digital marketing solutions. We’re proud of our innovative strategies and the real, demonstrable results they bring to our clients.

We understand that getting your business found online is both a skill and an art. With enthusiasm and expertise, our team aims to guide businesses through the complexities of the digital landscape, ensuring they not only have a website but also a strategic plan to direct customers to their virtual doorstep.

Connect with Digital Surfer

As Digital Surfer continues to make waves in the digital marketing realm, make sure you read the case studies for these nominated campaigns for Main Lawyers, Plus One Vet, and Concrete Floor Renovations.

In the competitive world of digital marketing, Digital Surfer stands out as a beacon of innovation, and the APAC Search Awards recognition further solidifies our position as a trailblazer in the industry.

We can also be found on a variety of socials including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

By: Brodie McGrath, SEO Consultant @ Digital Surfer

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