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How SingleInterface’s Marketing-to-Commerce Digital Capabilities Power Global Brands Through Local Opportunities

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Published Date 11.12.2023

SingleInterface (SI) is one of Asia’s largest hyperlocal marketing-to-commerce software for business locations and brand outlets. 

Since 2016, SI has been powering the digital discoverability of 250+ national and global brands, across India and South-East Asia, helping them achieve monumental location-level growth. Aligning to modern-day digitally-driven consumer behaviour, SI helps business locations build a robust online presence, drive purchase intent through consumer engagement, and enable conversions. Offering advanced capabilities such as Business Listings Management, Review Management, Automated Chats, and eCommerce-powered Location Pages across Digital Search, Social Platforms, Maps, and Local directories, SI allows business locations to build a virtual personality, efficiently manage operations, interact with consumers, and identify business opportunities. Thus, in today’s dynamic landscape, SI helps the world’s foremost physical retail & service businesses to compete and thrive in the digitally connected ecosystem.

As a leading player in the Hyperlocal marketing space, SI’s capabilities have proven to be massively beneficial across segments such as Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance (BFSI), Automobile, Food & Beverages, Fashion & Lifestyle, Consumer Durables, and more. SI continues to be trusted by several prominent logos and collaborators, for its wide-ranging portfolio and offerings.

SI has made a tangible impact on its esteemed clients, helping them actualize unprecedented expansion. As the industry acknowledges SI’s product stack and contributions, the company’s focus continues to remain on the value it delivers. With acknowledgment from global giants such as Deloitte (featured on Technology Fast 50), Financial Times and Statista (High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2023), and several eminent industry forums, SI’s proven capabilities continue to help enterprise retail brands achieve exponential growth. 

SI’s success story with MOSL  

SI has changed the digital identity of several leading brands.  This success story highlights SI’s work done for MOSL and what impact it brought to a conventional BFSI organization such as MOSL, when MOSL decided to take one step forward, leverage modern marketing technology, and partner with a competent entity such as SI.

Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited (MOSL), a highly traditional organization in the Indian Financial Services sector, grappled with challenges in maintaining operations and providing a satisfactory customer experience in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The lack of last-mile connectivity led to missed revenue opportunities, and MOSL’s digital ecosystem inconsistencies damaged its reputation. Unclaimed listings, featuring incorrect addresses and contact details, resulted in a disappointing experience for those seeking accessible Motilal Oswal Franchise partners or investment opportunities. Complicated further by the pandemic, MOSL’s customer-connect started suffering, negatively impacting the brand and its growth prospects. MOSL’s target audience, which mostly covers the age group of 25 to 60 and from tier I, II, and III cities, and in particular anyone who’s looking for financial and investments-related assistance, found it extremely difficult to engage with the brand. 

Recognizing the need for a closer connection between customers and franchise partners, MOSL sought to enhance its digital presence and differentiate itself from the competition. Consequently, MOSL joined hands with SingleInterface, to transform its virtual existence. The collaboration with SingleInterface provided MOSL with advanced hyperlocal capabilities, enabling them to connect with customers in the last mile through digital ‘search’. The information of 4500+ franchises was sanitized, contributing to improved search rankings and greater local prominence on search engines This technology not only generated new leads but also facilitated growth opportunities, offering customers accurate and relevant information about MOSL’s branches.

An advanced technology campaign helped MOSL stay ahead of the competition by delivering the right messaging, relevance, and local connection with consumers. The campaign triggered purchase intent, embraced customers in ‘buying mode,’ and contributed to branch-level growth as well as overall brand impact.

To strengthen accessibility, build local visibility, and establish credibility, MOSL leveraged digital business listings. The team also adopted mobile-optimized e-commerce-enabled location pages. This brought MOSL’s brand closer to consumers, increasing consistency across search engines, and enhancing eventual brand recall.

The digital transformation powered by SingleInterface’s SaaS-enabled product offerings resulted in tangible growth for MOSL. The focus on an online-to-offline approach increased footfall by decluttering MOSL’s digital landscape, ensuring accurate availability of financial information, and improving accessibility for customers. As digital engagement and digital customer activities started growing for MOSL, various touchpoints and analytics were tracked and gathered through SingleInterface’s advanced reporting capabilities and user-friendly dashboard. 

A unique digital strategy at the location level ensured that MOSL could be discovered by customers searching for franchisees online. SingleInterface’s product stack cleansed, verified, and updated data for each location, expanding MOSL’s social and digital reach organically.

The partnership resulted in an improved brand reputation, increased discoverability of franchisees, and attracted more local customers. SingleInterface’s marketing-to-commerce SaaS-enabled product offering, along with location-based search optimization, played a crucial role in driving increased customer engagement and conversion rates.

Through this collaboration, MOSL transformed uncertainty into beneficial outcomes, offering customers a seamless online-to-offline journey. The measurable engagement resulted in substantial outcomes:

  • Overall Direction Requests increased by 70%.
  • Overall Calls and new potential customer leads increased by 200K.
  • Overall discovery searches/views rose to 27 million.
  • Overall ROI increased by nearly 10X.

This successful digital transformation showcased the impact of leveraging advanced technology for hyperlocal marketing, providing MOSL with a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Testimonial – SI enters APAC Search Awards

SI is excited about getting an opportunity to associate with the APAC Search Awards platform. This global recognition is something that further attests to the value that SI delivers to its esteemed clients, enabling them to transform not just their business but the way they embrace their consumers. Having received a shortlist from APAC Search which offers multiple avenues through which organizations can highlight their contributions, SI is delighted and feels further encouraged to continue making its positive impact. Being able to showcase its work to a panel that consists of industry experts with rich experience and knowledge makes it all the more special, bringing the promise of a great future.


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