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Rise SEO: A Digital Marketing Agency That Cares

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Published Date 07.12.2023

Meet Rise SEO – a simple, yet effective digital marketing agency. Rooted in dedication, innovative methods, and a desire to keep growing, they’ve managed to hold their own in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

Just recently, they experienced a heartwarming highlight as they made it to the shortlist for APAC‘s ‘Best Small SEO Agency’ and ‘Best Low Budget Campaign (PPC).’

Starting with a handful of enthusiastic and inventive individuals, Rise SEO gradually built a reputation as a reliable digital agency with a genuine care for their clients. 

From developing easy-on-the-eye responsive websites that work as dependable silent salesmen, to crafting strong SEO strategies to help your website appear higher in organic search results, Rise SEO employs personalized solutions that are continually enhanced to meet your distinct business requirements.

“We strive to simplify the often complex SEO world for our potential clients, especially for those who may have had less-than-stellar experiences with SEO before. We take it upon ourselves to educate and build confidence, demonstrating the clear benefits of sound SEO practices while being transparent about how we operate. Our goal is to dispel misconceptions and showcase the real value SEO can offer.” says Mike Hall – Managing Director & Founder of Rise SEO. 

What has helped us maintain our long standing relationships with clients is the genuine rapport they create with each one.

“At Rise SEO, we see every client as a partner and spend time learning about their unique business aims, industry conditions, and target audiences.

In doing so, we can craft custom, results-driven SEO strategies. Then through our comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, we provide clients with a clear, live picture of how their campaigns are doing,” says Mike.

Short Listed: Best Small SEO Agency

We’re humbled to find ourselves among the shortlisted names for ‘Best Small SEO Agency’. This is just a little reminder that despite our size, we work hard to make a big impact. We’re all about doing our very best for our clients, using reliable SEO tools and methods that have stood the test of time.

One of our proudest achievements at Rise SEO is maintaining an unprecedented client retention rate, with our clients staying with us for an average of three years – a notable milestone considering we’ve been in business for just four years.

This steadfast loyalty from our clients, even amid the unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, is a testament to the efficacy and resilience of our SEO strategies.

But for us, the job doesn’t stop at better rankings or more traffic. We’re passionate about creating extensive digital platforms that attract organic, high-quality traffic to our clients’ websites.

We can get you more business through conversion based web design, smart content writing and digital marketing strategies uniquely individual to your business. So each of our strategies are carefully crafted with our clients’ specific needs in mind.

We’ve seen a lot of success with this approach and are so thankful for the growing stream of loyal clients who trust us with their SEO needs.

Case Study: Keyper AU

Their recent triumph with Keyper AU exemplifies Rise SEO’s innovative and efficient approach in a saturated market. In a niche dominated by established players, they propelled this nascent brand to industry leadership within a mere three months.

Through a meticulously crafted and executed strategy, they showcased not just their SEO prowess but also their ability to think outside the conventional boxes. 

“We combined creative content creation, strategic link building, and technical SEO enhancements to elevate Keyper AU’s online presence, visibility, and user engagement, defying the typical growth trajectory.

Even though the industry we operate in is full of competitors, we found a way to create a place for Keyper AU. We’re proud to have played a part in their growth within just three months and their noteworthy success is a testament to our adaptability and innovative solutions,” says Den – Founder of Rise SEO.

It attests to Rise SEO’s capacity to deliver accelerated, tangible results even in the most competitive landscapes.

This case not only underscores their agility and creativity with Keyper AU but also illustrates their willingness to push the boundaries in the field of SEO strategies. 

Short Listed: Best Low Budget Campaign

“Being recognized for running the ‘Best Low Budget Campaign (PPC)’ shows our commitment to making digital marketing accessible for all, irrespective of budget size.

We specialize in getting the maximum results with minimum expenditure by meticulously optimizing every single cent,” says Mike. 

Case Study: Ezy Breezy Rentals

In the case of their client Ezy Breezy Rentals, they successfully managed the campaign to not only achieve but also surpass the set objectives.

“Initially, our cost per conversion was a substantial $24.63. However, we successfully lowered the cost per conversion to an impressive $13.31. 

We were aiming for a Cost Per Click (CPC) of $2, and we attained a CPC of $1.91, thereby saving $0.09 per click. Compared to the previous year, we also reduced the CPC by 72 cents.

Our set up charge for the campaign was $350 plus GST and we provide monthly campaign management for $150 plus GST. We allocate 2 hours each month to monitor and tweak the campaign to achieve the best possible results. 

The effectiveness and savings from our campaign strategy demonstrate our proficiency in providing quality service that exceeds expectations,” says Mike. 

Notably, this substantial reduction in costs was achieved without the need for any additional increases in the campaign budget. This underscores Rise SEO’s ability to enhance campaign efficiency and effectiveness without escalating expenses, demonstrating our expertise in delivering exceptional service that surpasses expectations

We’re quite chuffed to find ourselves shortlisted for these awards. It’s not about chasing glory or fame for us, but rather about checking our work against industry benchmarks to see if we’re holding up, if we’re keeping our stride, staying innovative, reliable and resourceful.

It’s a little nod of appreciation to our team for the heaps of effort and devotion they invest into each and every project, whether big or small.

In our eyes, each nomination stands for two humble sentiments: acknowledgement and motivation. We see this recognition as a modest landmark in our journey to deliver top-quality digital marketing solutions, firmly anchored in sincerity, transparency and care.

Simultaneously, it’s a nudge, encouraging us to keep at it, to stay alert and not shy away from new, inventive paths. 

At Rise SEO, we strive to lift our clients above their competition and in doing so, we ascend alongside them.

Here’s to anticipating yet another gratifying year, setting more benchmarks and helping our clients touch new horizons.

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