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Dragon Metrics reaches the final of the APAC Search Awards

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Published Date 30.11.2023

If you asked any SEO how much they love reporting, they’d probably just laugh. Or give you a weird look. That’s because SEO reporting doesn’t fill SEOs with anything close to a loving feeling. And that’s where Dragon Metrics comes in. We developed Report Builder 2.0 to solve the industry’s complex issue of monthly reporting.

Who is Dragon Metrics?

Dragon Metrics is an all-in-one SEO platform based in Hong Kong. The platform was originally created in 2010 as an internal tool at an APAC-focused SEO agency. While there were plenty of tools on the market focusing on Western and English-speaking markets, there was nothing available that delivered the data the agency needed to provide value for our clients in regional markets and non-Google search engines like Baidu, Naver, and Yahoo! Japan. While our legacy is still that we’re the most comprehensive SEO tool that covers non-Google search engines, we’ve built a name for ourselves as an innovative solution not just in Asia, but the world over.

What is Report Builder 2.0?

Report Builder 2.0 is our innovative solution to reporting – combining everything you need to finally do away with generic in-built reports, excel files, power point presentations, and cumbersome Google Looker Studio reports. As part of the Dragon Metrics suite, we launched Report Builder 2.0 in early 2023 to fix one of the industry’s most pressing issues – reporting. It’s no secret that reporting is a tedious process, one that takes up 25% of an SEOs time every single month. Report Builder 2.0 allows users to:

·       Start using an advanced reporting solution with no set up time or technical expertise required.

·       Automate their reporting instead of just scheduling.

·       Scale the number of unique, highly customized reports from 1 to 100 with the click of a button.

·       Analyze advanced data while making it easy for stakeholders to understand.

What makes our solution so innovative?

Pretty much every all-in-one SEO tool has their own reporting feature. So, what makes Report Builder 2.0 different?

·       Reports are hosted on a single, white-labelled URL with data automatically updated. This boosts trust as stakeholders can view their campaigns in real time.

·       Reports can be scaled from 1 to 100 websites at the click of a button to be used across multiple campaigns or clients.

·       Customize every aspect of the report. Report Builder 2.0 gives you control over filtering any field, advanced segmentation, choosing which data points to show or hide plus much more.

·       Add comments/explanations, rename metrics and titles, and add customs fields to your reports. Engagement increases significantly when reports tell a story and use stakeholders’ own language.

·       White-labelling so thorough, can be passed off as your own development. Customize every single aspect of your reports including colors and logos so that stakeholders know this is a report built specifically for them.

·       Supports multi-market reports and search engines. Being a truly global SEO tool, our reports cover 10 different search engines, allowing users to track performance between Google JP and Yahoo! Japan, Google and Bing, or Baidu and 360 etc.

·       Include any report, chart, table, scorecard, or metric found in Dragon Metrics, GA4, or Google Search Console into your reports. Report Builder 2.0 includes over 90 highly configurable modules that can be added to reports.

·       Add external data sources including GA, GSC, Looker Studio etc. Report Builder 2.0 reduces the need for multiple reports across multiple platforms (meaning that SEOs don’t have to sweat over the dreaded GA4!).

·       Check your reports on the go thanks to Report Builder’s responsive design. No need to pinch and zoom in on mobile to view your beautiful new reports.

·       Measure report engagement. Find out which of your stakeholders have been looking at your reports, what parts they’re most interested in, and how long they spend reviewing them thanks to our advanced tracking options viewable in Google Analytics.

What do our users have to say about Report Builder 2.0?

Chris and the Searchant team recently made the move to Dragon Metrics because of Report Builder 2.0.

Oban International has been a Dragon Metrics user for the last 5 years. This testimonial demonstrates how Report Builder 2.0 has revolutionized their reporting process, increasing client trust and engagement in the process.

Marcus and the Jademond team are one of Dragon Metrics’ legacy clients. You can see how Report Builder 2.0 gives the agency a competitive edge.

Why did we enter the APAC Search Awards?

Report Builder 2.0 is the best reporting solution on the market and deserves to be recognized as such. This is especially true as we’re the only all-in-one SEO tool who can cater to the complexities of the APAC market with support for 8 Asia-specific search engines. Making the final of the APAC Search Awards and getting the thumbs up from the expert judges helps take us one step further towards the change the industry needs when it comes to reporting.

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If you’d like to learn more, you can read about why Report Builder 2.0 is the best SEO reporting tool on the market or book your very own guided tour. You can also follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to keep up to date with our latest innovations.

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