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Published Date 16.01.2023

Coming off the back of our 2022 APAC ‘Best Use of Search – Fashion’ win for our work with bespoke jewellery brand Cerrone, G Squared is thrilled to be shortlisted again for a number of APAC Search Awards in 2023. 

Who is G Squared? 

A full-service digital consultancy, G Squared is committed to driving real business results through integrated digital solutions. With core capabilities across paid media, SEO and web, our digital strategies are informed by an intimate understanding of and consultative approach to our clients’ businesses.

Our focus on integration and the relationship between channels enables truly complementary performance and the delivery of a full-funnel solution, tailored to the challenges and objectives of each client and making us a trusted agency among leading brands. Year-on-year we have succeeded in generating strong returns for clients across a diverse range of industries, nurturing the growth of their businesses while growing our own.

Our Nominated Work

All of our nominated work drove impressive results for our clients’ business, because we took the time to conduct in-depth research for every campaign. Following this we applied our industry-leading knowledge to create bespoke strategies that work. 

We are entrepreneurial at heart and relish the opportunity to help our clients MATE, Bryden and Eyecare Plus to reach more engaged audiences to grow their customer bases and their businesses.

We also work to constantly stay at the forefront of new technology and embrace the challenges that the ever-changing digital landscape brings. When we led the online marketing strategy for legacy furniture brand Nick Scali’s ecommerce launch, we were excited to take on the task of shifting the mindset of past, present and future Nick Scali customers to move from in-store purchases to online.

What Our Team Has to Say

George Photios, Director: 

Being shortlisted in the APAC Search Awards is a fantastic recognition of our team’s hard work over the past year. It highlights the outstanding results we’ve been able to achieve together with our clients, and it’s incredible to see that success benchmarked against the brands most willing to push the boundaries and drive innovation in search.

Ivy Buddee, Senior SEO Consultant: 

It’s an honour that our team’s accomplishments have been recognised by such a prestigious awards agency. We have worked hard with Brydens Lawyers, Eyecare Plus, MATE and Nick Scali over the past year to enhance search experience for their customers and drive their businesses to new heights. As we celebrate this success, we would like to thank our clients and partners for supporting us every step of the way and for trusting in our ability to deliver excellence.

Brendan Roy, Paid Media Manager: 

As G Squared’s team lead for paid advertising, it is a dream come true to be recognised by my peers and industry experts in categories we strive for success in. To be seen at the cutting edge of our field is incredibly rewarding for both myself and my team. Our clients have seen the growth we have achieved for their businesses and this external recognition confirms the hard work we have put in over the last 12-24 months. More than just an affirmation of our resolve and accomplishments, this acknowledgement serves as a great source of motivation as we look towards the future.

Find out more about G Squared and our award-winning work for leading clients. 
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