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Xugar Shortlisted for the APAC Search Awards

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Published Date 12.01.2023

Based in Melbourne Australia, Xugar is a growing powerhouse in search advertising, helping small to medium-sized businesses throughout the country grow quickly with digital marketing strategies. 

Over the last 6 years, we’ve focused our efforts on maximising value for our clients. Many of the businesses we work with don’t have gargantuan budgets. In fact, many are simply family-run businesses looking to expand their business online the right way. Being able to help them understand online advertising better and how they can get the most out of Xugar’s services is one of the things our agency does best. 

For Xugar, being shortlisted for the APAC Search Awards has been an incredible opportunity to put our name out there as experts. Additionally, being recognised for the hard work that’s gone into our PPC Ad campaigns is a huge boost to the team’s confidence. 

Sometimes PPC advertising can feel like an uphill battle, especially when you’re working in a competitive industry against national players. And while you won’t see the multi-million dollar results large companies get with PPC, the work is no less impactful.

Our award-nominated work for local business 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers is one shining example of this. 

Due to the competitive nature of the plumbing industry, their ads were struggling to convert customers, and were not worth the cost. During what was usually the busiest period of the year for plumbers they were burning money on ads and getting nothing. 

The solution was to micro-manage every part of the campaign. Our team effectively turned off automation everywhere it wasn’t achieving the best results, allowing us to finely control each and every part of our ads and use our budget 100% efficiently. We set up individual ad campaigns for each location, service, and customer type, then tailored our ad copy for each. From there, monitoring industry trends around the clock allowed us to make changes to keywords, ad copy and offers on short notice. 

The biggest change came from outside the campaign control centre. We identified one trend that opened up an opportunity to sidestep the competition and worked out how we could make use of it. Working closely with the client, we helped him restructure the way he offered his services so he could capitalise on that trend with ads. 

With the market fluctuating, our team faced new challenges every day. But we faced them head on, and the results speak for themselves. With the changes to campaign targeting and business operations we saw a 200% increase in inquiries in a single month, from 259 to 520. 

Here’s what Amshu Mullangi, our Head of Paid ads had to say:

“Being recognised for the work we’ve put into this project means a lot to the team. It’s hugely validating to know that the work we’re doing is up there with the best. And for Xugar, we’re proud to be able to get the name out there and represent our agency at the APAC Search Awards.

It’s been hard work and a huge learning experience, but being nominated for Best Small PPC Agency is a fantastic result. It really goes to show just how much we’ve improved over the last couple of years. Of course, we have a long way to go to reach the top, but this is a solid step forward and even more incentive to keep growing and improving our services”

Xugar is all about helping local businesses take those next steps to growing their business and dominating their market. It’s an absolute privilege to be able to work with businesses like 24Hour Melbourne Plumbers and see them thrive in ways they never believed possible. And being nominated for the APAC Search Awards is the cherry on top!

If you’d like to follow Xugar’s journey, you’ll find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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