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MindArc Makes It To The Finals Of The APAC Search Awards

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Published Date 12.01.2023

MindArc is honoured to have been nominated for the APAC Search Awards 2023 in the Best Small Integrated Search Agency category. Being chosen as one of the finalists is an incredible accomplishment for a digital agency like us. It shows that our innovative approaches to search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and content marketing are generating excellent results and exceptional returns for our clients.  

About MindArc

MindArc was built on a passion for learning, a desire to help people work together, and a belief in continuous incremental improvement. 

In 2010, Matthew Craig and Sean Pieres created MindArc Digital with the purpose of creating original and cutting-edge ecommerce strategies for businesses. A Sydney-based ecommerce software business, we specialise in integrations, custom app development and custom theme development on Shopify Plus. Our experts can help you set up the right infrastructure to help your business grow and expand internationally, both in the B2C and B2B areas.

MindArc works with clients such as Australian businesses WooliesX, ASX listed Capral, ASX listed Accolade Wines, King Living, Bassike, Citizen Watches, L’Occitane, Dinosaur Designs, Shona Joy, Ausreo, White Fox, Lincraft, State Of Escape, SIR the label & 1001 Optical.

David Mulgrew is a founding partner of MindArc and operates MindArc Communications—a leading telecommunications infrastructure provider in Australia. Our longstanding partnerships with major Australian and international suppliers allow us to provide your business, wherever it is located, with the most effective solutions available.

MindArc Marketing, led by Usman Kapadia, is the newest entity in the MindArc family. Our team of SEO and content experts can help your brand maximise exposure through search and improve site performance reporting and analytics. Meanwhile, our SEM team can help you convert your website traffic into sales or leads through Paid Media. Through our collaborative efforts, we hope to accomplish our vision of a sophisticated end-to-end solution for Digital Commerce that will give companies a leg up in today’s fast-paced industry. 

The Great Place to Work® Institute also recognized MindArc as a company with a culture and atmosphere that fosters trust and teamwork. Over the years, we have worked hard to create an environment that encourages learning from one another, fosters inclusivity and empowers everyone to pursue their work and personal goals.

How We Were Chosen: 

We are a team that thrives when put to the test, and working with various clients presents us with fresh opportunities that encourage us to think creatively and strategically. 

Dinosaur Designs

Dinosaur Designs is a renowned brand in Australia that has established itself to be one of the forefronts of handcrafted resin jewellery and homeware. Yet, even with a widely recognised homegrown label, they still had challenges that needed addressing—and that’s when MindArc Marketing stepped in.

Dinosaur Designs has a strong presence in its physical stores and realised that they are missing out on the online space. With that, they’ve engaged us for a strategic combination of both SEO and SEM to boost visibility in the long term.  

Our solutions: 

  • We focused on Brand USPs
  • We integrated an approach for SEM & SEO 
  • We implemented a data-first approach for cross channels implementations
  • We created audience segmentations and remarketing 

With the right approach to Dinosaur Designs’ challenges and a clear focus on goals, our diligent efforts resulted in an increase in the organic search revenue by 46%, direct traffic revenue by 58%, paid search revenue by 73%, new organic users by 34% and returning visitors for paid by 73%. 


Sustainability is becoming more and more popular in the beauty community. All across the board, companies are making an effort to create more environmentally friendly packaging and use more natural renewable resources. 

Lovekins, an Australia-based company dedicated to using sustainable native ingredients, saw that big brands’ strong emphasis on sustainability meant significant competition. The client approached MindArc Marketing with the intention of improving SEO on their website after moving to Shopify Plus and increasing overall performance on their online search activities. 

Our solutions: 

  • We utilised One Search Approach 
  • We used consolidated search data to understand what our competitors are doing and how we are ranking in organic search
  • We focused on top products for Lovekins

By optimising both organic and paid search as well as running a comprehensive competition analysis, our efforts led to exceptional results. Lovekins gained 15% in revenue for combined search in 3 months, 10% in Sessions for combined search, 5.4% in Ecommerce Conversion Rate for combined search and 12% in New Users for combined search. 


Every successful business knows how important it is to keep up with the fast technological changes. Having access to sophisticated digital solutions helps your business be more flexible and responsive to market shifts. Lacoste PH wanted a stronger online presence and has engaged us to integrate best SEO practices and, later SEM to boost visibility and revenue in the long run.

Our solutions: 

  • We helped improve the technical aspects of the website
  • We optimised the content and improved the meta description and title tags 
  • We optimised Lacoste’s brick & mortar stores in PH to be more visible to the local audience

By employing creative strategies, MindArc Marketing was able to overcome the brand’s technological and content gaps. This amazing collaboration increased revenue for organic search YoY by 38%, new users for organic search YoY by 36% and sessions for organic search YoY by 29%.  

On Being Shortlisted: 

Usman Kapadia, Head of Search, said: ‘Being nominated as a finalist is a great reward for all the hard work the team have put in over the last 12 months for their clients and Mindarc as a brand. It allows us to showcase the success we have achieved with our clients in what has been a rollercoaster of a year for everyone involved. It gives us the drive to continue to achieve successful results for our clients and further strengthen our partnerships with them in 2023.’

Fabien Galet, Head of SEO & CRO, said: ‘To be a finalist at APAC Search Awards is such a major exposure for MindArc Marketing as it showcases our dedication and hard work we put into for our clients across APAC. It raises brand awareness and credibility for our outstanding work.’ 

Jerray Lam said: “It’s definitely amazing that we have been nominated as a finalist in the APAC Search Awards. The team has worked very hard and will continue to put in 110% effort in what we do. We would also like to thank our clients that put their trust in what we do.”

Our Vision: 

Our passionate team of technology experts have followed a path of relentless learning and experimentation in all things digital, retail and everything in between. Our vision is to apply our collective experience to transform commerce through smart technology and help you connect your brand with current and prospective customers. 

Get in touch with us: 

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

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