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E-Web Marketing starts 2023 as a finalist

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Published Date 12.01.2023

As far as we’re concerned, 2023 is off to a promising start! 

E-Web Marketing is thrilled about our nomination as a finalist in two categories for the APAC Search Awards

  1. Best Use of Search (Health) 
  2. Best Low Budget Campaign

We’ve operated as a full-service digital marketing agency in Sydney for more than two decades – helping around 3,000 national and global businesses to expand online.

What do we believe?

Small to medium businesses deserve to get noticed online, even if they lack the vast resources of bigger competitors. Our mission is to help clients generate more brand awareness, conversions and sales by using cost-effective strategies that get impressive results (without stretching their budget).

What we do:

We offer services such as Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, Website Design and Facebook Ads. 

There are 14 employees on our team, and we support clients from a diverse range of industries. 

We excel at adapting our SEO methods to boost every single business that approaches us for help. This is testament to our top-notch research skills and capability for in-depth industry analyses. We even achieve market-leading results at competitive prices, as our award-nominated work proves.

Projects shortlisted for the APAC Search Awards:

  1. Best Use of Search (Health): Raising Awareness for Mona Vale Dental

Mona Vale Dental is a state-of-the-art dental clinic in the Northern Beaches region. 

E-Web Marketing published 12 blog articles and four press releases that raise awareness about important oral health problems and solutions. We wanted the articles to stand out in organic search results, and hold the attention of visitors from anywhere in Australia. 

Our goal was two-fold. First: educate visitors with compelling information related to dental problems. Second: improve blog engagement metrics, which will boost site visibility for all searches (including local) over time. 

Content manager Melissa Lahoud optimised each article for SEO from the start, researched the topics, presented the information engagingly and promoted some of the content via press releases. 

The results? Most of the articles have high visibility, ranking on the first page of search engines for targeted keywords. Visitors spend more than five minutes on most pages – a sign they like what they’re reading! 

This nomination highlights the power of SEO-optimised blogs to increase site engagement, and raise attention about vital topics. Our team is motivated to keep experimenting with different strategies, as a result of this exciting achievement. 

  1. Best Low Budget Campaign – Prime Location Visibility for Russo Electrical

Russo Electrical is a residential and commercial electrical services contractor.

E-Web Marketing worked with Russo Electrical to improve brand visibility in Google Search Results. We wanted to rank organically for a number of locations that our client services, to attract interest from potential customers in local areas.

Client manager Hasnain Hararwala created and optimised location pages for SEO. 

Russo Electrical ranks on page one for 10 locations, as a result of Hasnain’s affordable but powerful strategy. 

This finalist nomination proves you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get noticed in search results!

E-Web Marketing CEO Sam Shetty commented on his company’s inclusion in the list of finalists for the 2023 APAC Search Awards:

“We’re honoured to be included on the list of digital marketing agencies that caught the attention of judges for the APAC Search Awards. This affirms the hard work that our SEO experts put in, and validates the processes that E-Web has implemented to deliver powerful results for our clients.” 

“We’re thrilled with the nomination and can’t wait for the results to be declared! Regardless of the outcome, this recognition has boosted morale and shown us that E-Web Marketing is becoming a leading digital marketing agency in Australia and globally.”

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