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An Impressive start to 2023 for the team at Impressive as they are finalists for the APAC Search Awards

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Published Date 09.01.2023

2023 has gotten off to a strong start for our SEO and content team here at Impressive – with six nominations in the upcoming APAC Search Awards!

After winning the silver award last year for Best Use of Search – Retail / Ecommerce for our work with Sunyee, the team at Impressive is proud to have had five new campaigns recognised by the 2023 APAC Search Award team – Best Use of Search in the retail / eCommerce, fashion, automotive, B2C and travel / leisure categories. 

Most exciting of all – we’re delighted to announce we’ve been nominated for Best Large SEO Agency too!

It was a big year for our team, and we’ve learnt a lot from the nominated search campaigns. Here are a few key things we learnt in 2022 and what we’ll take into 2023. 

  • Gaining the client’s trust is key – after years of working on their own campaigns, we had to work hard to gain the confidence of our client Sunyee, to prove to them our strategy (optimising an existing site and developing new content to improve visibility and authority) was solid. We were able to help Sunyee rank #1 in one of its brand offerings – higher than the official brand site, and proof our strategy was working. 
  • Dive deep into the client’s product offering – we exceeded all our expectations when working with Rola on their aggressive digital marketing strategy – including increasing organic eCommerce revenue by over 1500% during their first six months with us. This success was due to our team working with Rola to understand their brand and product offering better. We conducted multiple workshops, visited their offices in person, and received a crash course in their manufacturing, sales and customer service funnels.
  • Think outside the box for your SEO tactics – our campaign for Australian Traveller required some creative thinking from our team. Rather than taking a standard SEO campaign approach, the team took time to understand the nature of the site and zoned in on tactics that would positively impact indexation and organic visibility.
  • Ensure clients understand the benefits of what you do – it’s a question that we sometimes forget to answer, but something that our team has found crucial to building trust with the client. For Kookai, we took care to develop clear and concise best practice guides so that their technical and non-technical team were across what to do and why to do it

Our 2022 award and current nominations are the perfect reminder of all the hard work Impressive has put in since our humble beginnings in 2016. It’s through recognition by our peers in the APAC Search Awards that we’ve created a name for ourselves as the go-to agency for companies looking to kickstart or re-energise their performance marketing campaigns. 

From our Head of SEO and Content, Sam Makwana:

“I am incredibly proud of the work that the SEO and Content team put in over 2022, and the fact that our peers have recognised this work with APAC Search Award nominations is terrific. We work hard to achieve the best results for our clients, and as a team, we are grateful for the recognition. 

Our nomination for Best Large SEO Agency is one we can be proud of, as it shows just how much the agency has grown in the last few years. It also recognises the extra initiatives that our SEO and content team are involved in internally, championing innovation, research and development and finding ways we can improve as an agency to achieve results for our clients.”

Impressive is about one thing – delivering incredibly Impressive results for our ambitious clients. It has been a privilege to help our clients scale their metaphorical mountains – and reaching the summit to find our APAC Search Award nominations is the added bonus to watching our clients succeed. 

You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram – eagerly awaiting the results of the 2023 APAC Search Awards!

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